Point cloud, survey to Archicad and Revit

We can convert point cloud or building survey to BIM model and Architectural drawings ( floor plans, elevations, sections, site plans ). We work with point cloud using newest versions of Archicad ar Revit.

If you already have accurate 2D plans of your site or facility we can provide a CAD or sketch to BIM modelling conversion service.

As Archicad and Revit penetration increase the demand for measured building survey information is this format is also increasing. Many architects or contractors are now specifically asking for Archicad or Revit Surveys in their tenders.


All our models are built using the correct elements (not dumb masses). Complex shapes are modelled as inplace families creating a fully parametric model.

If you already have a BIM team in place but require extra resourcing for a specific project, then you can count on us for advanced modeling capabilities to boost your productivity.

Archicad or BIM survey replaces an existing or traditional 2D survey. Archicad is the market leader in BIM software produced by Graphisoft. Archicad was developed by architects specifically for the construction sector to provide much more intuitive design tools compared to traditional CAD packages. Many of the more progress construction firms are making the switch from CAD to Archicad, Revit or similar 3D BIM software packages.

No down payment needed. 20 /hour!

We provide an up-front quotation on the complete project so you’ll know the total cost without any surprises. If the project is open-ended then the standard hourly rate will apply. Either way, you are in control of the cost up-front, so no surprises.

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