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Team4Bim is part of Lithuanian architectural company Architektu Gildija ltd.  and implementor of 3D AEC CAD software, also now known as BIM (Building Information Modeling), for architectural, MEP and construction design since 2007.

Our expert architectural drafter team of BIM software with real-life project implementation experience offers exclusive services focused on the building industry; this makes us highly recommended in quick implementation of state-of-the-art solutions that are tailored to meet specific needs.

Our clients have come to understand and appreciate the BIM models that provided them and hence continue to seek ways to take advantage of the generic mainstream design system available today. We welcome you to schedule a live consultation meeting with us to see first-hand the many ways our BIM modeling, 3d architectural rendering, 2D to 3D conversion, and Maxwell, LumionTwinmotion renderings services can benefit your practice and improve your designs, presentations, and productivity.

From 2D to 3D, 4D5D, and beyond, we are vastly experienced, and our solutions have been proven to be the most intuitive, versatile, and productive. Our architectural drafter and its team are always here to provide you the best architectural drafting sketches and architectural drafting services.

Why Choose US

We are a dynamic, young, and ambitious team of designers, engineers with experience in real-life projects since 2007, looking to work with other creative minds, investors, design enthusiasts, and general contractors to make their work easier and create new value in the demanding market of construction processes.


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Architectural Drafting, BIM modeling, Rendering


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Since 2007, in cooperation with US, UK and EU companies we have gained skills and experience in developing BIM models and architectural drawings suitable for further project development by local architects and engineers.

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Archicad / Revit BIM drafting modeling rendering services


Quotes From Our Clients:

Tim Ball

Very happy for you to use me as a reference. Please ask your prospective clients to email me.

Tim Ball RIBA Charted Architect, BIM expert - jhd Architects, UK
Patrick K. McIlhenney

I’m happy to see you have more interest from US Architects. We are pleased to give you high marks for your work.

Patrick K. McIlhenney AIA Architect - Square One Architecture, Inc., USA
Bill McCowatt

I will be happy to give you a good reference for your excellent work in Archicad modeling.

Bill McCowatt Owner - Hawaii Planning & Design, USA
Ian Redfern

Architektų gildija Ltd ( ) have provided a fast, reliable, efficient and professional 3D CAD drafting service on several important projects for us. Always on time and at a competitive price. We have been delighted with their work and look forward to a continuing relationship in the future. We would highly recommend their services.

Ian Redfern Director - Redfern Architecture
Eric Bobrow

Very economically through, a bunch of savvy ArchiCAD consultants based in Lithuania who work with ArchiCAD users around the world

Eric Bobrow Archicad expert - Bobrow Consulting Group
Charles T. Flannery AIA

Please use us as a reference. We would highly recommend you.

Charles T. Flannery AIA Principal - Flannery Group


Team4Bim in not only a firm with BIM managers, architectural drafters, but it is also a team of professional ArchiCAD, Revit technicians, and engineers who provide building and design services. We provide technical support, design projects, develop detailed plans for your domestic and commercial projects. We have numerous satisfied customers worldwide that we served with BIM architectural, MEP models and architectural drawings.

We are registered as a firm in Lithuania. We are serving the Lithuanian market since 2007 and helping our clients globally with our online services. We have completed and delivered projects to our clients in the US, UK, Australia, and Europe. You can find the references from our client on our website.

We have a fair price policy. We do not demand down payment. Once you contact us with your requirements, our representative will contact you and provide an up-front quotation on the complete project. The quotation will have no hidden charges and the total cost will be what we quote. We usually charge 17 Euros per hour in case of the open-ended project. The preferable mode of payment is through Paypal. Whereas we also accept bank transfer. In the case of an open-ended project, the project's progress will be shared on a weekly basis with an invoice for payment. Thus, you can make a payment on a weekly basis so that we continue to work on the projects. For further details, please visit our fair price policy page.

There is no specific time frame as it depends on the complexity of the project and detailing required. However, we usually deliver our drawing and rendering set within 2-7 days. In case your project is a fundamental drawing, then it might take a few hours.

As a member of the Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce, industry, and crafts, we have legally binding and understand the importance of licensing. Being one of the most trusted company in Lithuania, we have all the certifications required to perform our work as a legal and ethical responsibility. We have the newest BIM software and we use the latest version of ArchiCAD and Revit. Our working files share with the clients are supported by all versions and we make sure they are easy to use for our respected clients. You can visit cad drafting software licenses for the details.