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BIM quote and Architectural drafting cost

Explore our range of Draftsman services, available at competitive hourly rates, tailored to meet your project’s unique specifications.

BIM quote is provided based hourly fee ( 100 m ² – 20 hours ) . Our Draftsman and Technicians can provide BIM modeling, CAD drafting, conversion services. Since 2007, our dedicated team has specialized in ArchiCAD and Revit building models, custom BIM objects, and families, ensuring top-tier quality and precision.

Based on Fair Price Policy, we can provide you with a budget and time frame after reviewing your project details. Or you can make us an offer and, in a few hours, you will receive an answer to your proposal. If both sides agree on the project estimates and timeline, we will begin with the project implementation phase.


Choose from a straightforward up-front quotation for complete projects or flexible hourly rates for ongoing engagements, all guaranteed to align with your budgetary and project requirements. Either way, you are in control of the cost up-front, so no surprises.

Depending on project complexity, building detail level, terrain complexity it takes us from 2 to 7 days to produce drawing and rendering set suitable for planning application.

We do not have minimum sum, so if you will have a need for some basic model or drawing that takes a couple of hours we can deliver you it and charge based on our hourly fee.

Our adaptable approach means we seamlessly integrate with your in-house CAD and BIM standards, employing a wide array of templates to match your display style and information management systems.


Transactions. We hourly rate + transfer fee (that would be 3 % by Paypal) for a single drafter. The best and cheapest and fast way to make money transfer is by using Paypal. For making payment, you will need a VISA credit card or Paypal account. We accept direct bank transfers, as well.

With multiple payment options including direct bank transfers and PayPal, and no required down payment, we prioritize building trust and fostering long-term partnerships with our clients.

We send invoices weekly, and if the job progress suits your needs, you can make a payment, and we will continue to work from there. At the moment, we can provide up to 5 drafters working on the BIM server if needed.  Assigning just one drafter is also an option for streamlined efficiency. Depending on the workload, the amount of drafting manpower is adjustable.

A fair price policy is always declared to ensure equitable transactions. Believing in the power of trust, we strive to build long-term business relationships. It is our policy to be honest and open, providing our customers with quality services at a fair price, that way, ensuring the sustainability of our business.

Our fair price policy promotes:

Cost-effective solutions – We charge based on our local Lithuanian hourly rate. That way we can build long term business relationships over short term profiteering – leading to a real partnership, mutual trust – we are not a ‘get rich quick’ company, your success will be our success; order our services with confidence – We start working with no down payment and charge you after the first week of work only if you are happy with the result and want to continue working with us further.

We are committed to the success of our customers.

Personal lessons
per hour
25 €
Personal Archicad training
Personal teacher
Personal lessons
Personal teacher
Personal exercises
Direct contact
Daily communication
Revit BIM services
per hour
25 €
Professional Revit services
Drafting, modeling, rendering
Sketch to Revit
Autocad 2D to Revit
SketchUp to Revit
Revit family, detail 3D modeling
Architectural rendering ( Artlantis, Maxwell, Cinema 4D )
Personal contact with drafter ( skype, viber, etc. )
Up to 8 drafters available
Archicad BIM services
per hour
25 €
Freelance Archicad drafting team
Drafting, modeling, rendering
Sketch to Archicad with Teamwork
Autocad to Archicad with Teamwork
SketchUp to Archicad with Teamwork
Archicad object, detail 3D modeling with Teamwork
Architectural rendering ( Artlnatis, Maxwell, Cinema 4D )
Personal contact with drafter ( skype, viber, etc. )
Up to 8 drafters available

BIM quote :

Architectural rendering

BIM objects

MEP modeling

BIM Building modeling

Drafting services




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