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Modern construction design involves a process of constant change and revision. The reach and accuracy of software tools that enable these revisions are part of the technical foundation of the industry. With 3D architectural modeling increasingly adding more depth to construction procedures, the use of Revit Architecture for architectural services is quickly becoming a preferred software option.

BIM (building information modeling) service, cad modeling services, and Revit modeling services enable the design of a building, its structure, and its components in 3D. Notes, parameters, comments, or explanations can be added to the 3D model, and also the 2D drawings and building information from the model’s database can be accessed.



Our BIM modeling services enable the designing and documentation of architectural elements and structures with 3D modeling of geometric, non-geometric, and construction information. Revit’s special features include processes where components, views, notes, and comments are integrated seamlessly so that any modification, addition, or deletion would automatically update those changes throughout the model. This association between components is a key advantage of Revit.

CAD operators can save you time by creating complex ArchiCAD or Revit terrain models from your 2D DWG drawing or blueprints.  We offer you conversion services to ArchiCAD and Revit terrain models from survey data or handmade sketches.

Our Drafters will convert survey data precisely, dimensionally accurate according to your specific requirements (DWG to PLN, PDF to PLN). Using our ArchiCAD, Revit BIM model, you will be able to boost project development speed. We will help you to present every aspect of a building site in detail. Based on our terrain model, you will be able to continue further project development.

The main advantage that an ArchiCAD survey offers is that it provides a much more detailed set of survey data, which is already in 3D. Provide us with your blueprints, CAD files, and we will be able to use it in Building Information Modeling software as a reference file. We will trace and create a terrain model in the virtual environment using ArchiCAD software.

Additionally, we can export our terrain model to BIMx format and make it suitable to view on iOS or Android devices.

We can provide ArchiCAD, Revit modeling for architects, building owners/managers, engineers, homeowners, interior designers, and real estate professionals.

We work with all versions of ArchiCAD and newest versions of AutoCAD and Revit files, and we can output file format that you need – PLN, PLA, DWG, or just plain simple PDF.

If you need to design buildings and make architectural drawings, our Revit service is the best way to accomplish this. The drawing quality is superior, the renderings are amazing, the coordination is rock solid, plus it is so efficient.

We work with all versions of Archicad and newest versions of AutoCAD and Revit files and we can output file format that you need – pln, pla, dwg or just plain simple pdf.

We provide an up-front quotation on the complete project so you’ll know the total cost without any surprises. If the project is open-ended then the standard hourly rate will apply. Either way, you are in control of the cost up-front, so no surprises.

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