BIM modeling services

What is BIM?

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a process of digital design of a building or infrastructure object. During this process, information about the building is created and managed at all stages of its life cycle. Modeling is developed from the initial concept of a project to its demolition. The essence of the BIM service is to simplify the design, construction and operation of buildings.



BIM services covers many things: 2D (two-dimensional design, projection drawings), 3D (three-dimensional design, model, 4D (model mapping in time), 5D (model quantitative modeling, usually costs), nD (object life cycle, building management and maintenance) BIM is a complex process, so it is important to find a company that has many years of experience and can offer experienced professionals.

In short, BIM is a smart 3D modeling process that helps you build infrastructure projects more efficiently and accurately.

Why choose BIM modeling services?

BIM technology has many advantages, so it is used by professionals from different countries. While this technology is advanced and can help customers get the best results, some are still hesitant about whether it is worth choosing BIM modeling services. BIM has its advantages and
disadvantages, it is worth reviewing it and then deciding whether it is worth choosing BIM modeling services.

Before hiring professionals, it is necessary to find out whether the services they provide will bring benefits. Facing BIM for the first time can raise many questions and incur significant costs. It is not uncommon for customers to form a misconception about BIM services when they start developing a project. You have to invest in software, train people. Getting started can be difficult, so  it is not an uncommon case, when an employee’s productivity declines at the beginning. However, after a few months, the speed of coordination increases significantly and the work becomes more efficient.

BIM benefits:

The BIM system allows all project participants to collaborate easily and efficiently. The use of BIM reduces the documentation and the amount of work performed, as customers, designers and other people working on the project can easily combine, verify and transfer information.

Using BIM significantly reduces design time and cost. The 3D elements used in BIM have all the necessary information. The data is combined into a database, so at any time it is possible to obtain the number of elements and calculations of their parameters, to check possible collisions between different design parts and elements, to create sections, visualizations.

BIM allows designers of different parts to work in parallel without thinking about delayed changes or adjustments.

The BIM system allows all project participants to collaborate effectively. The system can effectively check, adjust and perform other necessary actions. This helps reduce documentation and reduces the amount of work involved.

BIM technology helps to avoid errors that are costly to correct in design processes.

BIM allows you to forecast construction and operating costs. Thanks to BIM, it is possible not only to save, but also to plan costs accurately. With BIM, you may feel safe about not spending more than you planned.

There are more benefits to BIM services. But most importantly, BIM allows for successful collaboration and organization of design, supply, and construction processes, allowing BIM to accurately estimate costs.

Lower risk.

With BIM, professionals can better understand the purpose, risks, and options of a project before construction begins.

The benefits of BIM are obvious. The BIM system makes work faster, easier and more accurate, so customers can be offered better results and a lower cost per project.


Advantages and disadvantages of BIM

Advantages: Disadvantages:
● Greater chance of avoiding design errors. ● Software for BIM processes is more expensive than software for CAD processes. Because professionals use more expensive equipment, they may ask for a higher price.
● Speed up the design process. ● There are not so many BIM service specialists. Because of the perceived shortage of BIM professionals, some may ask a high price for their services. However, there are professionals who have been using BIM for many years and can therefore offer a good
price and quality services.
● Advanced than CAD project coordination system. ● Getting started can be difficult, so it is not
uncommon case, when employees productivity declines at the beginning.
● It is possible to analyze the building faster and easier.  

BIM is used all over the world, so choosing professionals carefully who use BIM is worth it. BIM  helps the specialist optimize operations, which provides greater overall value for the same investment. BIM is the added value that comes from collaboration throughout the life of an object.

What are BIM modeling services?

It is a functional and physical representation of an object in digital space with attribute information. A building information model is object information that is used to make decisions throughout the life cycle of an object.

Main BIM modeling services:

HVAC BIM Modeling Services

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. HVAC refers to the different systems used for moving air between indoor and outdoor areas, along with heating and cooling both residential and commercial buildings.

Plumbing BIM Modeling Services

System of pipes and fixtures installed in a building for the distribution and use of potable (drinkable) water and the removal of waterborne wastes.

Electrical BIM Modeling Services

Electrical wiring is an electrical installation of cabling and associated devices such as switches, distribution boards, sockets, and light fittings in a structure

Mechanical BIM Modeling Services

Mechanical BIM Equipment models like: Air handlers, Boilers, Chillers,  Heat exchangers, Water heaters and tanks, Water pumps (for domestic, heating/cooling, and firefighting water), Main distribution piping and valves, Back-up electrical generators, Elevator machinery,
Back-up batteries.

LOD requirements for BIM modeling services:

International BIM standard:

ISO 19650

British BIM standards:

BS 1192; BS 1192 – 4; BS 8541; BS ISO 16739; BS ISO 55000; BS 7000-4; BS 8536-1; BS 8536-2:2016; BS EN ISO 19650-1; BS EN ISO 19650-2

Publicly available British BIM specifications

PAS 1192-2
PAS 1192-3
PAS 1192-5
PAS 1192-6

Level of Development Specification

The BIMForum has released the 2021 Level of Development (LOD) Specification. Click here to download Part I and the Guide. Click here to download Part II.

LOD 100

BIMForum Interpretation: “LOD 100 elements are not geometric representations. Examples are information attached to other model
elements or symbols showing the existence of a component but not its shape, size, or precise location. Any information derived from
LOD 100 elements must be considered approximate.”

LOD 200

BIMForum interpretation: “At this LOD elements are generic placeholders. They may be recognizable as the components they
represent, or they may be volumes for space reservation. Any information derived from LOD 200 elements must be considered

LOD 300

BIMForum interpretation: ” The quantity, size, shape, location, and orientation of the element as designed can be measured directly from
the model without referring to non-modeled information such as notes or dimension call-outs. The project origin is defined and the
element is located accurately with respect to the project origin.”

LOD 350

BIMForum interpretation. “Parts necessary for coordination of the element with nearby or attached elements are modeled. These parts
will include such items as supports and connections. The quantity, size, shape, location, and orientation of the element as designed
can be measured directly from the model without referring to non-modeled information such as notes or dimension call-outs.”

LOD 400

BIMForum interpretation: “An LOD 400 element is modeled at sufficient detail and accuracy for fabrication of the represented
component. The quantity, size, shape, location, and orientation of the element as designed can be measured directly from the model
without referring to non-modeled information such as notes or dimension call-outs.”

BIM modeling services
BIM modeling services

How to choose a BIM specialist?

To achieve effective results, it is not enough to simply choose good equipment. A BIM system can provide many benefits, but it is important to find professionals who have years of experience.

You can choose specialists according to the following criteria:


BIM modeling services are provided by a number of specialists, but some of them are not experienced enough to work quickly and efficiently and provide good results. It is worth choosing a company that has a lot of experienced professionals. In this case, if the work is of poor
quality, it will be repaired immediately by a colleague with more experience.


Software for BIM services processes costs a lot, so some professionals may offer a high price. However, BIM allows for accurate budgeting and cost reduction, so some professionals may offer a better price. There is no need to choose specialists by price, but price must be taken into account. Experienced specialists will offer not only quality services, but also a good price.


Note that BIM makes communication easy, so it is not necessary to choose the company closest to your location. It is sometimes worth choosing a company located even in another country. In this case, you can get a better price for quality services.

Delivery time.

BIM allows you to reduce not only the budget but also the delivery time. However, some professionals have a lot of work to do and cannot complete a project quickly. When choosing a specialist, it is important to be informed immediately when the project is due to be completed.
You need to choose a specialist who will be able to deliver the project by the agreed time.


Experienced specialists will make sure that the available information about the client will
be safe and inaccessible to persons who are not involved in the project.

Expert advice.

It is worth taking the time to consult before hiring a company. If the selected professionals are not in the same country, then it is possible to contact and meet the professionals remotely. During the consultation, specialists can not only tell about the work being done, but also
introduce the BIM system, provide good advice on the project. Experienced professionals will be
able to tell during the consultation whether it is worth contacting them, or better to look for other
professionals who work with other technologies.

Work done and references.

When choosing a specialist, it is important to be sure that he will be able to do the job according to the client’s needs. Works done by trusted professionals are easy to find, they don’t hide away from showing them to the client. If the chosen specialist does not show the work, then it
is worth choosing another who has completed more than several projects.

When choosing, it is worth taking a look at the professionals and the work they do. BIM allows professionals to do a lot, so it is important to choose professionals who are experienced and can take full advantage of all the features provided by BIM.


BIM modeling services :

Architectural rendering

Architectural drafting

BIM objects

MEP modeling

Building BIM modeling


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