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As BIM continues to be widely adopted for MEP Modeling we will also continue to provide top class MEP computer-aided design and drafting with detailed pre-construction, design and fabrication benefits. We seek to provide MEP engineers with integrated, highly coordinated, and internally consistent computable information about the Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing system for planning, managing, decision-making, and operating the facility. 

Using these offerings, designing a complicated structure can be done with ease, increased accuracy, and efficiency. Since BIM allows the creation of a virtual 3D model, it gives a better idea of the outcome of their systems before they are built.

Our drafting service creates a virtual MEP model comprising of heating and cooling system, ducts and plant-room layout, electrical power, and lighting layout, domestic water plumbing and gas piping system layout, and fire protection system layout, thus offering a systematic and meticulous analysis of the system to be built. This analysis would help in increased efficiency, accuracy, and coordination of the system, reducing the time and cost involved in it.


Our ArchiCAD technicians can provide BIM Modeling services from engineers provided 2D data. Our MEP models make it very easy to visualize MEP systems and to eliminate possible collisions.

We can provide a full and detailed model of all MEP systems to integrate them into your ArchiCAD projects. Additionally, based on o MEP model created by us, we can run an MEP and building element collision detection test between architectural design and engineering design.

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