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Hire a Team of Architectural Drafters

Architectural Drafting, BIM Modeling Services

Architectural drafting, CAD/BIM services can be provided by multiple  Revit and Archicad technicians. Groups of draughtsmen can be formed for cad drafting.

We offer CAD drafting services that can accommodate multiple AutoCAD, Revit, and ArchiCAD technicians, architectural drafter, leading to a group of draughtsmen with a singular purpose of CAD drafting

For companies that require more than a single draughtsman, you can hire our ArchiCAD team through our outsourcing drafting solution. We can form drafting units of up to eight drafters to work on any project you have. Our drafting units offer work coordination, effectiveness, flexibility in their CAD drafting jobs.

Coordination is achieved because drafters work in the same office space and are supervised by a project drafting manager.


Effectiveness of workflow is achieved by a number of draughtsmen that work in our company because, depending on your project needs, we will be able to assign drafters with skills that best suit your needs.

Flexibility is achieved because we can adjust the drafter number depending on workload. If some unexpected circumstances come up to one of our architectural drafter, there’s the possibility to substitute him with another team member. Such an approach allows us to easily work on big and complex projects and meet deadlines on time.

By using Skype or any other online meeting solution, you will be able to directly communicate with your drafting unit and architectural drafting services provider team on a daily basis to keep up with the drafting progress. Use to expand your possibilities.

We provide an up-front quotation on the complete project so you’ll know the total cost without any surprises. If the project is open-ended then the standard hourly rate will apply. Either way, you are in control of the cost up-front, so no surprises.

Technicians Can Outsource Archicad, Revit BIM Services with Teamwork

If you have full commercial licenses of ArchiCAD, using ArchiCAD teamwork, you can team up with us to boost work efficiency and result. Teamwork can be a massive productivity booster, allowing multiple architectural drafters to work on a project simultaneously.

This can be in-house or through remote connections when ArchiCAD users are outside of your office.  Remote connectivity allows them to access & work on the same project regardless of location. 

Outsourcing drafting services and expanding your office by using Teamwork is one of the most efficient ways to boost your company’s productivity. In that way, we can work on the same file at the same time, and be certain that we will avoid file transfer errors or file version mismatch.

How Does it Work?

BIM servers would be set up on our site or on your side. All BIM server software comes with ArchiCAD and is located in the ArchiCAD installation disc. The only issue that can come up (if BIM server will be on your side) is that you will have to contact your internet service provider and make sure they allow connections on AC ports.

Or, if the BIM server will be on our side, all you have to do is connect to it, and you will have the possibility to save PLN or PLA files from your work process to your PC at any time. Another advantage of the BIM server is that you will have the possibility to see a report of who has been doing what, and that helps to establish clear and trust-based cooperation processes.

When setting up the server, redlines can be placed directly in working AC environments. As soon as the software and hardware are ready, the next stage is setting up staff.  

It is a good practice to agree on a certain communication window. For example, it is good practice to set time for a meeting when your day is about to end. That way, we take off when you leave, and, in the morning, you will see progress. 

We also recommend daily or weekly communications, so that we can better understand each other because there’s always a learning curve to overcome at the beginning of any transaction, as both companies have to implement new processes – we have to get used to your standard and drafting style, and you have to understand our formatting drafting/modeling processes. All those issues are usually resolved in a week period.

We have experience working with architectural drafter and building companies located in Norway, UK, and we are working in the USA also; we are always ready to take your order. 

Who is the Architectural Drafter?

The designers of architects and engineers use the software to turn them into technical drawings. Most of the employees specialize in architectural, civil, electrical, or mechanical design and use technical drawings that can all be constructed from microchips to skyscrapers. Now we’re going to get started.


Usually, the drafters do the following:

  • Plans for the production of computer-aided applications (CAD)
  • Working with rough sketches and specifications developed by architects and engineers;
  • Products of engineering designed and technically produced

Many designers are known as CAD operators. Drafters digitally generate and store technical drawings using CAD systems.

CAD Management

CAD programmers deal in the creation of schemes that could be represented, written, or coded to construct knowledge modeling (BIM) structures directly. These systems allow digital designers, architects, managers, and engineers to develop and cooperate with physical construction and equipment models.

The buildings shall be designed for development projects with architectural and technical features. They may be used in residential and industrial buildings.

Topographic maps used in construction and infrastructure programs, such as roads, bridges, and flood control projects, are designed by city planners.

Electrical Drafters drew up the wiring diagrams for electrical installations, repairs, and wiring of electrical equipment and cables by other manufacturers.

With little to no experience, architectural drafter expects to earn between $35,020 and $43,660, with accomplished designers earning more than $67,120 per year.

How Can You Become An Architectural Drafter?

Designers typically require advanced training offered by a professional program leading to a credential or a graduate degree in writing.


Drafters typically have to take post-secondary training in literature. Typically, a degree of a vocational college or college requires two years.

Professional institutions offer basic design training, design drawing software, and computer-assisted software (CAD), and the completion of certificates or diplomas. However, it usually takes two years for architectural drafter programs.

Licenses for Registration and Testing

An architectural drafter Certification is provided by the American Design Drafting Association (ADDA) after which the drafter can provide the architectural services. Certification, while not obligatory, reflects the expertise and knowledge of procedures that are nationally accepted.

Meaningful Consistency

Creativity, guy. Creativity, guy. The designers must be able to turn plans and concepts into realistic drawings to construct actual structures, equipment, and systems.

Based on the details. Drafters must be extremely cautious to ensure that their designs are technically correct in compliance with the specifications described above.

Interpersonal skills. Drafters work closely with architects, engineers, and other designers to ensure that the final designs are accurate.

The skills in math. It’s in Math. Drafters are working on technology sketches.

Awareness of technology. Designers must be able to use computer applications such as CAD and use database techniques in all specialty areas; 

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