Autocad drafting 2D ( *.pdf, *.jpg to *.dwg )

Autocad drafting 2D ( *.pdf, *.jpg to *.dwg )

On-demand 2D CAD drafting, Autocad conversion services.

As a preferred architectural CAD outsourcing services partner to our clients, we create complete construction sets for new homes besides developing lot-specific details and address-specific drawings for single-unit and multi-unit dwellings.

In addition to residential drafting services, we provide architectural drawings for a range of commercial projects, including corporate premises, hotels and restaurants. We usually work as part of the design documentation team for these projects, providing a service.

We also provide CAD conversion services. Our drafters can convert, redraft hand made sketches, old paper based originals or scanned rough paper drawing to precise and dimensionally accurate CAD drawings according to provided specific requirements ( dwg to pln, pdf to pln ).

If custumer provides only paper drawings of project or building, these can be scanned or photographed and send to us. We draft by your PDF, Tiff, Jpeg, BMP file format and insert it in a 2D CAD software as reference. For image files, it can be adjusted to ratio and proportion of the current scale by adjusting the image. After adjustment, the image file that serve as reference, can be traced and redrawn in CAD software.

We can create (convert) CAD drawings from hand made sketches, scanned Doc’s (PDF, Tiff, Jpeg or BMP).

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