What is an Archicad freelancer?

What is an Archicad freelancer?

What is an Archicad freelancer?

What is an Archicad freelancer?

An A freelancer is a person that wants to work on his own but does not want to expand their business at a level that is required to hire or involve other people in service or product development. Freelancers are very flexible, but also their capabilities are limited. Freelancers can work on a flexible schedule, but the freelancer is limited to 8-12 work hours per day, and freelancer is very vulnerable to financial instability, health, and family issues. Freelancer can fix the short-term problem but is not suitable to be an integral part of other business in the long term. Freelancing usually is starting stage of a small business, and in a short period, it has to succeed and grow into a company or fail.

Archicad, Revit building modeling

Archicad freelancers can be split into three main groups

– computer users that just happened to use Archicad
– architectural students that want to earn extra money and experience during the studying period
– professional architects or engineers that have many years of experience usually provide services more as CAD BIM contractors and not a single freelancer.

The best Archicad freelancer

The best option is to work with a professional. Experience level directly affects model and drawing quality and work speed. Ensuring that Archicad freelancer works with the latest legal software and uses the same variation as ArchiCAD is essential. This point is significant if you want that Archicad freelancers would cooperate and develop a project with teamwork. If the software is illegal, you risk your data security, and a teamwork connection is impossible to establish.

Part of a project development team

Architectural drafting and drawing development are different services than photoshopping wedding pictures. Clients of these services are usually other business that needs these services regularly. Also, drafting and BIM modeling is part of a building project development, so the drafter becomes part of the client’s team.

Archicad TeamWork for freelancer

Software used for drafting usually has its solution to cooperation over the internet. For example, let’s talk about Archicad Teamwork. Some specific roles can be delegates ( like creating bathroom elevation with annotation ), and other team members sort out other questions in the project. That kind of approach has its advantages, like very smooth workflow without any administration and clear report or work activity, and disadvantage is that this work only with legal software, drafter has to spend time to understand the structure of a project and work organization structure. That kind of work organizations using Archicad TeamWork usually work very well on a big project so ofter initial starting point and after learning curve a need to scale up cooperation appears and that where freelancer reach their maximum capacity.

Limitations of Archicad Freelancer

If we are talking about a single freelancer, usually, he would not feel comfortable working on a single project or with a single client because that is very unstable in case the project finishes or if it is put on pause. So freelancers would split the limited time they have between two or three clients, which means daily freelancers can work just for 3-6 hours per day for a single client. At this point, drafting companies have a considerable advantage: they have their client base to operate on a bigger scale, so they can afford to risk putting one or a small team of drafters on a single project. Because if stopped, there are other big projects where the drafter can be repositioned.

Archicad freelancer vs.  Archicad drafting company

In conclusion, if you are family and look for someone to draw a garage to visualize how it would look, a freelancer is an excellent option for you. And if you are a company with a few projects to develop, your option should be a BIM/CAD drafting company. Sigle freelancer will not be able to scale the service to the level you need. Working with many freelancers on a single project will be extremely hard to coordinate the whole process and ensure darting standards.

Archicad freelancer services by professional team :

Architectural rendering

BIM objects

MEP modeling

BIM Building modeling

Drafting services

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