Characteristics of an Architectural Drafter

Characteristics of an Architectural Drafter

Characteristics of an Architectural Drafter

Architectural Drafter plays a vital role in the world of architecture. An architect cannot convey his ideas to anyone without a proper drawing. It is the architect that thinks and comes up with a masterpiece according to the requirements and preferences of a project owner, but it is the job of an architectural drafter to put those on a standard and globally accepted drawing paper or make a computer-aided drawing (CAD) of it. CAD is also sometimes known as computer-aided design.

List of Characteristics of an Architectural Drafter

This job is very important however here are some Characteristics of an Architectural Drafter you must know:

  1. The job of an architectural drafter is very important. It is the drafter that translates the rough drawings made by the architect during client meetings and later using his quality imagination and design experience.
  2. Once the architectural draftsman receives those rough drawings and notes, he gets to work. He takes into account the exact measurements and dimensions of the site. Then uses those measurements and draws up a full-fledged draft diagram of the plan. That includes and takes into account the design and style of the project, the measurements to clarify which wall is going where. It also includes plumbing drawings and electrical wiring and connection spots as well.
  3. With the advent and use of modern technology, an architectural drafter nowadays can make 3D drafts of the site and the architect and the site project owner can see what the end product will really look like.
  4. They can see and decide if they really like what is being proposed or do they want any changes? Because changes to the actually built structure are usually difficult, time-consuming, and pricey.
  5. If any changes are proposed, using the latest CAD programs, tools, and software the architectural drafter can make those changes and re-present the draft to them.
  6. Architectural drafter remembers, learns, and applies all the city’s rules that are required to be followed in order to get approval for construction or modification.
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How to become an Architectural Drafter?

Being an important and vital part of the world architecture festival, for that becoming an architectural drafter is not easy. It requires qualifying exams and experience is very important as well.

  1. An associate degree in architectural drafting or design is the basis.
  2. In order for your architectural drafts to be globally accepted, you need to learn about international standards as well.
  3. Experience is a must. During your studies you should practice making a lot of drafts and then during your Internship, you got to pay close attention to the working of architectural drafting.
  4. Learn city codes. Without following the city’s guidelines you risk the chance of your drafts being rejected.
  5. You must familiarize yourself with the latest CAD software and programs.
  6. You must be a good and attentive listener.

Architectural Drafting Services

If you are an architectural drafter, you can join architectural drafting services. You will get good pay and other benefits as well.

Online architectural drafting services like Team4Bim offers drafting services to their clients and architects worldwide. You can apply to become part of the winning team as well.

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