Role of Technology in Architectural Drafting

Role of Technology in Architectural Drafting

Role of Technology in Architectural Drafting

Architectural drafting dates back to ancient times. One of the proper, fossilized architectural drafts of a Babylonian fortress was carbon-dated to be produced in 2000 B.C. Even before then, any structure that was erected, somebody had to convey their plans to the builders somehow.

Architectural drafting in modern times uses a globally accepted language of its own with standardized markings and representation labeling. However, the role of technology in Architectural drafting has turned the tables.

Architectural Drafting in the Past

Not long ago, when planned cities and buildings became the new norm and contractors were being used instead of building anything by one’s own self, architectural drawings became the need of time.

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There were no standards for a drawing; just rough sketches were used to list the requirements and the masons, laborers, and contractors would start building. The room for error was considerable.

Not going deep into history, but proper architectural drafting was introduced and accepted worldwide as a standard.

Architecture drafting of the past wasn’t an easy task. All the drawings, no matter how complex, was to be drafted by hand.

Later architects developed special tables and tools to make the actual drawings and the blueprints, but the whole process was slow, time-consuming, and very hard to edit or change.

Even in the past, when everything was done manually by hand, a ruler and a pencil, there were architectural drafting services. Those service providers employed qualified and experienced drafting staff to draft the architectural plans with little to no errors. Still, the turnaround time was in weeks, minimum.

Architectural Drafting in the Technologically advanced Era

Technology has come a long way since its conception. Computers are more portable and a lot faster than their predecessors. The speed and portability of computers have made it easier and possible to switch from manual drafting to Computer-Aided Drafting or Computer-Aided Design (CAD). There are a number of drafting and architectural design software and programs that make it much easier to do architectural drafting.

This has not only reduced the turnaround time of a complex architectural draft but also made it easy to edit, modify, and even copy and reuse previous drawings.

With the advancement of technology and the positive role of technology in Architectural Drafting, it is now possible not only to draw and preview 2D designs but 3D as well. You can now see and be sure how your fully erect building will look like. The architects and the owner of the project can now make educated decisions and even request changes, edits, and modifications to the draft not worrying that it will slow down the process by months and weeks.

With the ability to reuse an existing masterpiece’s draft it is now easier to copy that plan and incorporate it into your new plans. With 3D, you will be able to see your end product from all angles.

Role of Technology in Advancing Architectural Drafting

As mentioned earlier, architectural drafting services in the past would offer the services of qualified and much more experienced architectural drafter to small scale architects and project owners. In today’s modern time, the same architectural services are offered on a global scale.

Since there are standards that define the drafting language, a draftsman and a drafting service at the end of the world can offer their services to a client on the other end.

Now you can truly incorporate an International style in your national, local project. You can order drafts online. Services like Team4Bim offer international Architectural Drafting online Services. Without the need for travel of either the experienced drafting firm or the project owner, you can order your drawings from your desk using your personal computer.

Team4Bimis a full-fledged architectural drafting and drawing company with highly educated qualified and experienced architects, draftsmen, and engineers. Team4Bim offers 2D and 3D architectural drafting services. So, you can contact team4bim at any time to get the best services. 

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