How to Become an Architectural Drafter and its Job Description

How to Become an Architectural Drafter and its Job Description

How to Become an Architectural Drafter and its Job Description

A drafter or architectural Drafter is a person who is an engineering technician whose duty is to make detailed and very comprehensive drawings of or plans for certain machinery, few buildings, some electronics, great infrastructure, and sections, etc.

Drafters also use computer software and some manual sketches to convert the designs, plans, and layouts of engineers and architects into a complete set of technical drawings. Drafters can operate as the supporting developers and sketch engineering designs and few drawings from preliminary design concepts.

Engineering technicians can help solve technical problems in many other ways. They can build or set up equipment, conduct experiments, collect few data samples, and calculate few results. They can also help to make models of new types of equipment.

Some technicians can work in great quality control, check some products, do few tests, and collect some data. In the case of manufacturing, they can help design and develop certain products. They can also find certain ways to produce new things efficiently. There are many fields in this job which include software designing, repairing, etc. They can also be people who can create technical drawings.

How to Become a Drafter

A two-year degree or a certification from a college or trade school is usually required to become employed as an architectural drafter. Trade schools offer courses in sketching, computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) software, and design fundamentals. Some graduates who have an associate’s degree can go on to a four-year college in a closely related field and can pick up courses in mathematics, engineering, and architecture as well.

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Some people might think that drafters mostly create technical drawings for numerous structures, such as bridges, homes, or few large commercial buildings. However, drafters can also design graphics for so many different products that need highly technical drawings from certain toys, industrial machinery, and even spacecraft. This is important as a drafter’s work is the roadmap of a project and outlines all of the necessary details for the object to be constructed.

Job Description

Architectural Drafter has a job to prepare detailed drawings of architectural plans and designs for structures of offices and buildings according to architects’ things. They use complete software to transform complex procedures into highly organized technical depictions and representations as well.

  • Other job tasks for architectural Drafter include:
    • Coordinating structural, electrical, and mechanical designs and thus determining a method of presentation to represent building plans.
    • They analyze the building codes, by-laws, space and site requirements, and other documents and reports to show their effect on architectural designs.
    • He is the one who provides a foundation of Layout and plan that includes interior room arrangements for some commercial buildings, using computer-assisted drafting (CAD) equipment and software as well.

Regularly, architectural Drafter analyzes an architect’s design concept’s technical implications and can also calculate weights, few volumes, and stress factors. They can operate computer-aided drafting (cad) equipment or conventional drafting stations to produce designs, some working drawings, few charts, forms, and keen records.

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